Kennexions (Old Drafts)

The following papers are fairly old drafts of some raw material from I am forming a book on my GBG, also called Kennexions. Since they are drafts, some may seem incomplete. (The later papers are merely verbatim copies of the email drafts I have sent to MAGISTER-L and GBG-LIST.)

The old name for Kennexions was the Kenning Game; many of these papers use the older term. The new term comes from the words KENNing EXpressIONS; kenning expressions are the basic unit of meaning in the Kennexions game.

Any claims that Kennexions is a Glass Bead Game in these pages should be taken with salt. The generic term that Kennexions and the Center for Ludic Synergy now use is "GBG". For the reasoning behind this change, see the Center's home page.

The Kenning Game: An Introduction is the best way here to learn about how I'm doing things.

Advances in the Kenning Game shows more sophisticated things you can do with the Kennexions gameform, including "telesmatic images" for meditation and complex three-term "kenning equations." It also discusses notation in more detail.

Notes Toward an Inter-GBG Protocol consists of some ideas on I think the Bamboo Garden and like-minded Game Masters should proceed to develop a Grand Synthesis of GBGs.

Anti-Glass Bead Games represents my understanding of how madness, magick, and the GBG fit together.

Kenning Game aesthetic theory is the first presentation of the theory of art behind Kennexions, which borrows from sources ranging from the Oulipo to Robert Graves.

Kenning Abacus is a first stab at a way of playing the Kennexions GBG using actual beads on a sort of abacus, as described in the novel.

GBGBG [sic], etc. taxonomises GBGs into several categories, including individual gameforms, the Platonic Ideal of the Glass Bead Game, and the Great Big GBG (formerly the Intergame Protocol). Also tells where you can find more information about kennings.

Kennings, difrasismo, and tertium comparationes relates the Norse poetic form of kenningar to the Aztec one of difrasismo, and both to the Classical concept of the tertium comparationes, all important concepts in Kennexions.

Kennexions, the Genius System, and Game Object Classes discusses the many creative roles that lusores (players) of Kennexions can take other than that of Solitary Brooding Genius. A good glimpse of how a Kennexions performance is supposed to take place.

Kennexions: Tables of Correspondence shows an easy way to produce massive amounts of kennin' fodder by incorporating "tables of correspondence" from the Western Hermetic tradition.

BELL Trinity Diagram: First Draft shows the first attempt at translating the famous Scholastic diagram of the Christian Trinity into BELL, or Bliss-Encoded Logical Language. Incorporates a number of posts from KENNEX, the Kennexions mailing list.

KENNEX Archive

KENNEX is the mailing list of the Center for Ludic Synergy. The list archive usually contains all posts to the list through the previous month. Some of the above papers were taken directly from KENNEX.

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